Surface facilities:


Wellhead, gathering systems, export networks, oil treatment unit, gas treatment unit.


1. Conceptual study


The activity relates to the new oil and gas field developments, and concerns particularly the conceptual studies. From the initial data as production profile, the number of wells, the production mode, the field’s location and the constraints of the contract, these studies will be conducted.

The conceptual study leads to a global scheme of development and probable scenarios, evaluated and compared. The development must be in conformity with the rules of the environment.


2. Pre-FEED:


          Basic data control

          Process simulation

          Hydraulic studies

          PDFs’ scheme

          Heat and material balance (H&MB)

          Equipment's list


3. FEED’s tender documents:


          Preparation of tender documents for the FEED (FEED scope of work)

          Preparation of draft contracts (if required)

          Preparation of tender evaluation procedures

          Optional assistance to the proposals’ evaluation


4. Expertise


  Overall fields’ development strategies concepts

   Advice for the choice of PDF options

   Reviews and assistance for projects (FEED and EPC)      


5. Existing facilities


           Performance’s evaluation, design data recheck.

           Process simulations – identification of operating problems

           Revamping and/or upgrade study

           Associated gas Recovery study

          Gas lift and pumping studies

          Gathering networks, gas and water networks optimization



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