FEED BLOCK 226 & 242

1-      Blocks 242 and 226 – company SONATRACH/MEDEX

FEED ITB Documents :

FEED scope of work :

This scope of work has been developed in the following base:
- CPF in ISB field: Preliminary gas treatment in block 226 for wet gas and dry gas coming from 5 gas reservoirs and 2000 bopd coming from ISB oil reservoir.
- Total gas production: 1.280 000 CMD
- Total oil production : 2000 bopd
- Gas and oil gathering system calculation
- Export system calculation: gas, after dehydratation will be send to Block 242 CPF for final treatment and oil to WIH facilities in block 242.
- Main gas treatment CPF in IRLS field, block 242. This CPF will be designed for 4.5 millions m3/day.

 Facilities defined for the block 242 comprise:

- CPF for gas treatment located in IRLS field to produce dry gas, condensate and LPG (preliminary process simulation)
- Gathering system configuration and hydraulic calculation for the following fields: WIH, IRLW, IRLS and WHC
- Export system scenario for gas, condensate, oil and LPG

Others :

- Invitation to bid documents preparation-support to MEDEX/SONATRACH for bid process.
- Responses to the bidders’ technical clarification.

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