1-      Block 438 B development - Company CNPC Algeria

-          FDP surface facilities development philosophies
-          FEED scope of work :

This scope of work concerns in general

The total surface facilities description and preliminary process simulation to fix the main parameters necessary to understand the development philosophy:

-          CPF design to 20 000 bopd (oil separation, oil stabilization, desalting, wet gas dehydratation using T.E.G dehydrator for 500 000 m3/day)
-          FPF for 10 000 bopd and gas recovery
-          Gathering system for 20 wells (hydraulic study)
-          Gas lift system (network and compressors calculation)
-          Injection water system configuration
-          Wet gas export system (hydraulic study and compressor system definition)

Support to procurement department for the ITB documents

Contract FEED awarded to CH2MHILL Abu Dhabi

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